The Reality of Our World

We are Many; but we are One

Here we all are, due to a myriad of circumstances, living in a time of personal and planetary transition. In our life-time the earth has changed and is changing; there are the problems of pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, social and political upheavals, being just some of the signs of the times we live in. However, as we progress through the third millennium there are also positive signs of increasing inner development, growing compassion, and global awareness of bigger issues, even though the media and some pessimists would have us believe otherwise.

The big question is, are we taking enough notice of what is going on around us to actually recognise the dangers ahead, and realise that it is within our power to shape the future? Do we actually think, or merely accept the inevitable?

There is a growing and profound interest in alternative ways of thinking, in methods of healing, sensitivity training, spirituality, and a growing interest in environmental issues, which make it clear that we can no longer remain separated on this topic, or other equally important topics by being indifferent to them. In other words, we are still looking for the answers to questions that have bothered philosophers for millennia. We are, however, starting to understand that all things are inter-connected. We are all linked to our environment in ways that make it irrelevant whether one believes this or not. What effects one, effects the whole, and although it comes as a surprise to many ‘modern’ people, the dollar, pesos or pound are not the answer. A change of attitude is the only real solution; why worry about how we are going to pay for the ‘things’ that we have around the world when we are destroying that world, and there will be nothing left to buy or own!

As our concern for ourselves and the environment increases, we are beginning to seriously re-look at ancient wisdom, with new and encouraging interest. At this particular moment time, there is a great desire for spiritual understanding, and much interest is being expressed in the spirituality of the aboriginal peoples of the North American continent, and other ancient cultures identified as being from the ‘older’ continents.

We are also beginning to look with ‘new eyes’ at the philosophies and attitudes of those ancient peoples, as guidelines that could lead (possibly) to better ways that could be adopted and established for modern, and future, human to have lives that could be lived in harmony with the rest of creation.

It has become fashionable to explore the concepts and teachings of some of the forms of Native American spirituality, along with other ancient forms of spirituality. Those are unlike our own formalised religion, as they have no fixed dogmas, although they do have many traditions. The peoples that practice them, all believe in a ‘universal web of power’, or energy, which supports all things. In fact, the inter-connection of all things is fundamental in most aboriginal belief systems. There is, they believe, a common energy force that all things share. There is also a certain ‘oneness’ with the earth. We are, they believe, all part of a greater whole, with one common destiny. What that destiny is, only the Creator knows. In the modern sciences, such as Quantum physics and Quantum Mechanics, the ‘connectivity of all things – living and not – is known as ‘entanglement’.

In the Native American, and Canadian First Nations view, there is no separation of nature and spirituality in daily living, nor (in reality) should there be. They sincerely believe that everything is woven into an overall fabric of existence. The consciousness of the Creator lives in the animals, plants, rocks, mountains, oceans, and in us all, collectively this phenomena is called The Great Spirit. We see, and experience, the Creator every time we see a majestic tree, a mountain, a winding river, a sunrise, a storm, a shining star, or each other.

We hear the voice of the Creator every time we hear the birds sing, the winds blow, the laughter of a child, the sound of falling rain and the cry of the eagle. All is the voice of the Creator. We must recognise The Great Spirit everywhere, and in all things.

We seek to contact the Great Spirit that exist in everything, even within ourselves, but we cannot make contact until we come to a realisation that contact can only be made by respecting Him where He lives and what His position is now, in all creation. We must therefore, respect ourselves, the earth, nature, and in fact all of creation. For we are all one, all part of the same fabric, all is related, all entangled and all is sacred.

One was going to say, “We must”, but the reality is that you, as the future generation, and as the voice of reason, must move beyond the limitations of our past perceptions and develop the strength to meet the challenges of the new millennium together. As we have entered this new cycle of change and (hopefully) reach for new levels of understanding, it is important to remember that there are many tools available to help us in our spiritual quest. For spirituality is, in my opinion, simply a quest to recognise creations entanglement.

It is time for all races to unite and share ceremonies of purification and healing.

Powerful information, long kept secret is now available to all, in the form of a DVD called ‘The Secret’? The ‘Secret’ deals with the existence of one of the Universal Laws known as the Law of Attraction; like attracts like. The ‘secrecy’ aspect of the ‘Law of Attraction’ which is dealt with in the DVD in depth, and has to a large degree been imposed on us by our own scepticism. Our modern lives, and the subsequent thinking patterns, put us all into a frame of mind that will dismiss all things that do not seem ‘scientific’; as being too esoteric to be real.

Ancient cultures and civilisations, have been aware of the ‘Laws of Nature’ (the Universal Truths) since the beginning of the human race. They formulated rituals that paid homage to the Creator of all things. Most people, non-natives to an individual culture, do not seek to duplicate the Traditional Vision Quest (TVQ) of cultures they do not understand, or wish to understand. Those rituals such as the sweat lodge, used by the American and Canadian first nations as a place where ones personal consciousness is lulled into such a relaxed state, that it can be merged with the ‘Universal Consciousness’, thus clarifying (if only for a fleeting moment) an understanding not possible within the smog of normal modern existence.

One of the most empowering Native American ceremonies is the cleansing ritual, called ‘smudging’. Smudging is a word used for a ceremony of cleansing with smoke. The purifying smoke of sage, cedar or sweet-grass is ceremonially fanned through the energy field to cleanse vibrations, and to attract positive energy, healing and protection. Peculiarly, many people here in Australia believe that this is a modern idea, a ‘new’ way of thinking. Surely, this sacred rite could be beneficial for all peoples. We sing about ‘good vibrations’ in modern times ( a’la the Beach Boys ) and never really consider the implications.

Once again I say that whether we believe it or not: We, the people, are one family. We, the people, belong to the greater tribe of humanity and we the people will ultimately build or destroy our future. Let us act with respect and unity with all our dealings and relations around our world, as we form and hold in our heart a vision of peace and harmony in these changing times.

We should be moving from a personal understanding of ‘what is mine’ to a universal understanding of ‘what is ours’. In the past it was: That’s my family, that’s my house, that’s my land; that’s my whatever. In the future it needs to be: This is our earth, this is our world and all the children are our children. We must educate them together.

Our elders, such as that old man who lives in our street – he’s our grandfather; that old lady sitting under the tree relaxing in the sun’s warmth – that’s our grandmother and we should recognise and respect their collective wisdom; everyone that is our own age, is our sister or our brother. This, I believe is the way we must be in the coming times, because all is related and all is one; there must be no separation in Spirit if we are to fulfil the will of the creator.

If we are to survive as a species, the key word is ‘harmony’. You the young people of today are the beginning! Today is the foundation day of the future, so it falls to you to be the ones who can really make a difference! It may not be in your lifetime, and it certainly won’t be in mine, but it will happen if you keep the faith, and if your actions underscore your belief in a common goal.

What do you think? Is there an alternative? Please comment.